Energy Generating for Dummies

Many of us today feel a lack of energy, exhaustion, tiredness that is beyond any one source. This energy depletion leaves us inactive, sitting on our comfortable couches, almost unable to get a healthy meal – always taking short-cuts. Sadly this is a kind of self-perpetuating process, like an addiction, that becomes comfortable with repetition, and sometimes with pharmacological help. Depression and illness is the result.

What would it be like if you were fully energized, optimally active, and able to finish tasks quickly and completely. What would you be doing with all the free time you might get? Would you be willing to take on a mission to help others? To generate empathy and energy all over the planet?

The Empatharian Movement for Peace is a peace movement without borders or special ideologies. It’s an opportunity for people who want, in the end, to have made a difference for the well-being of our planet and our people, our children and grandchildren. And it requires energy.

Breath, Posture, and Slow Movement as through molasses or thick warm honey. This is how we will begin the Empatharian Way to generating energy, and with it: well-being, health, and happiness.

Energy comes from caring about what matters, emphatically.

E=Mc2 so you need to bring your matter to the speed of light and square it… or [M>>>*]=E

Sound impossible? You wait and see! Einstein was a genius, and he was also Autistic, so his shorthand will need to be converted to our “long-hand”

We will be using body, mind, and emotional/spiritual practices to help restore and improve our integrity with the earth and our higher selves. Some of the special electricity of this method expresses as a kind of complexity, keeping many things in mind at the same time. Of course we know now that there really is no such thing as multi-tasking. It’s more like a cycling through of the denominators of our beingness, and as all spiritual practitioners know, it takes practice.

Stay watching this space, for a few days and it will unfold, a simple 20 minute once or twice a day, energy generator! With Empatharian-



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