Do At Home Energy Generating with Empatharian-part 3 of 8

  • Communicating your truth, Being a Conduit for Energy y
  • Flexibility and Energy y
  • Sensing and Energy y

Welcome back! An amazing day in the Northwest dawned with Snow! Yes, though it was sunny and spring-like warmth yesterday, today is a whole new day. Snow. Okay, we can handle changes, right?

Human beings have a particularly hard time with unexpected changes. We like things to be predictable; it’s part of our brain development from infancy. Our brains are programmed to seek patterns and to go happy with repetition in predictable patterns. It’s how attachment forms when there are reciprocal reactions to our needs being expressed and met. That means back and forth non-verbal communication between a baby and a caregiver is what develops into attachment, which the whole personality can then evolve from. This is the secure base of personhood.

So today’s weather felt unexpected, like so much of what has been happening lately: coronavirus19, primary election results, climate change, community center closures, empty toilet paper shelves.… We could go into a tail-spin of stress, but this “fight or flight” style reaction is no longer adaptive or helpful. If we can keep our “higher power” or spiritual ideals close to our hearts, we can be calm, clear, and self-assured in our actions- no need for re-actions.

This is where we often get stuck. We think that if we truly tell the full truth, we will be hated. We are afraid of looking like idiots. People will make fun of us.

Yup, they might. But does it really matter? Holding in this truth is blocking your energy, and the energy of the universe. When you’re ready to risk, come back again and see me! We will dance like idiots together, expressing our truth, stating without fear, communicating, We will be conduits for the energy of the universe to pass through us and allow us to be vehicles of the energy within and without.

OK. Bye. See you later-

Oh, back so soon? Oh, your survival depends on it? OK then. Stand up!

So then let’s start: bird in hand again, arms in Communication, One up to the sky, palm up, one down. Alignment up and down. Pulling your head back slightly, switching arms and shoulders slightly aligning with the arms, switching sides. Now we’re ready for some moving forward! Back and forth, switch the arms up and down, 3 times to both sides, alternating, and stepping forward as you do. As you do this movemnt, you will notice yourself getting pumped like a piston, so remember that it’s okay to smile! Smile, smile, smile. Or don’t. You are making a statement. A sentence: “All are victorious when we are communicating”, which includes blog 2’s movements of all and victorious…

The Ballet of Madrid used this movement in a flamenco-like performance that blew us all away. They didn’t finish their communication though, so we were left wondering… Is it war, or ? So let us finish our communicating-

Flexibility and Energyy

Bringing your flexibility to this same two side to side alternating movements, bend over to each side in sympathetic listening, with open hands facing each other instead of the bird in hand, you present us your offering. You have presented your truth in the previous movement (communication), and now you are ready to listen, to understand, to begin empathy. This is the position/movement for compassion.

As with all the movements, repeat 3 times, so that the body and mind can synchronize. Let yourself feel the depth of your longing as you do the movements. Extend this compassion to those in your life and immediate circle, to the wider community, to the world, and first, most importantly, to yourself.

Bend only as far over as is comfortable, then go a tad further and hold it to the count of 10. Do this to each side, 3 times. Remember to keep your alignment with chin slightly tucked, the crown of your head leading the bend, shoulders down, back and relaxed. Your head faces straight forward, and the neck bends over also slightly. Remember also to be breathing with the belly breath, and timing the movements for the outbreath.

Sensing and Energy

As Peace pervades our being, almost naturally we do the position: Turning slightly to each side, our arms upswing together to horizontal, hands open, palms down, waving in harmony, which is the position’s name. The waving motion brings it into peace and peace-building, which is the name of that motion in the gestural language of Empatharian. Do this, as all motions, from side to side, 3 times, as you watch your hands waving as if through thick honey, pushing the honey gently outwards. Notice and send warmth to your fingers as they move with sensitivity and strength, intention and certaintly: Peace.

In the next session we will finish this movement amalgamation, creating a Peace Demonstration, defining for ourselves and others, what is the peace-building process? Not simple, not really too complex, but with great diversity, richness, and exploration, all in the nature of our higher power or spiritual selves.

Tonight you may sleep particularly well and deeply. In the next few sessions, we will discuss a few simple changes you can make to stop hijacking energy needlessly, to help your immune system, and to build more resilience .

This includes:

  • How to insure deeper more relaxing sleep and lucid dreams
  • How to eat and drink for energy
  • How to use iphones and electronics for personal energy management
  • A simple method for healing emotional and physical pain.

Thank for participating in this session of Empatharian -See you soon!

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