Do At Home Energy Generating, part 2 of 8


Hard day out there today. Coronavirus19 worries and changes to our lives provoke stress and stress lowers immunity. How can we help ourselves to stay safe, be calm, and pro-active? Buying toilet paper by the truckload will not do it. One thing we CAN do, is generate energy within our bodies, strengthen our thinking, align our spirits with higher power: Trust that we can do things differently, and be well. The internet is buzzing with directives, recommendations, and health ideas. I won’t reiterate any of that- it’s not needed. We more need energy that’s calm and clear, again from our own deepest knowing and wisdom, to do what is needed to keep ourselves safe.

The building blocks of Empatharian Energy Generating are each quite simple techniques, movements, and thinking. Each on their own will do some good- they exponentially feed on themselves, exponentially boosting energy and well-being. Of course, it takes practice, but you will feel better and more energetic at each step of the way. Calm and clarity are a natural by-product. You are helping yourself to be stronger, more energetic, and pro-active.

Breath Practice to Generate Energyy

1. Belly Breath – Put the hand on the belly below your navel, then breath in so that your hand moves out as the breath enters all the way into your belly. Then let the breath expel naturally. Continue until it becomes natural and then you may remove your hand, and continue. 20 minutes twice a day.

2. Alternate Nostril Breathing- Using hand placed on nose, to press closed one nostril at a time as you breath in, hold, change hand position to press closed other nostril as you breath out, then in again, hold as you change hand to press alternate nostril and breath out. Visualize oxygen going into your head cavity as you breath in through one nostril and out the other nostril. Use this breathing technique whenever you are tired and need to stay awake. 5 minutes usually will do the trick. You could do this breath twice a day if you want, after the belly breath sessions.

3. Relaxing Breath- in for 8, hold for 4, out for 8. Use this breath whenever you feel stressed or to help the body relax and allow sleep.

Posture/Alignment to Generate Energyy

1. Sitting on a chair, feet on the ground, sit towards the front of the chair so that your back is not touching the back of the chair. Sit up straight, as if there is a magical string attached to the crown of your head, pulling you upward. Allow your spine to stretch, your shoulders to relax down and back, allow the face to relax, open the mouth slightly, eyes gently unfocused on a spot on the floor in front of you about 5 feet. Continue bringing your attention to each part of the exercise: crown, spine, shoulders down and back, face, mouth, eyes. Your chin will be slightly down to allow the spine to be straight, stretching up from the crown, up from the sit bones, and as you circulate your attention through the body, allow tension to let go, relax each part, feeling your body extend up. This can be repeated, and done while doing the belly breath, or alternate nostril breathing, 20 minutes twice a day.

2. Neck stretches: Using your hand to push you head gently, push your head, ear to shoulder, to the count of 10, on each side, 3 times. Then gently pushing your head forward, chin to chest, count of 10, 3 times. Then pushing chin up, push head leaning back, count of 10, 3 times. Then side to side: push cheek with your hand, gently but firmly, again to the count of 10, on each side, 3 times. The amount of pressure applied is enough to feel slight discomfort at the neck joints with the continuous pressure. If you suffer from neck pain normally, this stretch should give relief. It’s also good when you are nervous to help the body and mind to align so that spirit can flow. Remember the straight back and aligned neck as you do this, keeping your bends in the geometric alignment.

Grace and Strength to Generate Energyy

1. Starting from sitting or standing, unfurl hands into palms up position, reaching arms straight forward and out horizontally to the sides, reaching your fingertips to the ends of the earth. You can do one arm and then the other arm, then both at the same time, hands open including the whole world. You All. See how slowly you can do the movement, 3 times, thinking of all those you want to reach out to with your movement.

2. Holding an imaginary baby bird safely and gently inside each of your closed hands, lift the arms into a “V”, feeling strength and certainty, triumph and victory offered for all. Do the movement slowly as if moving through thick air or honey and then fast, slowly and then fast, strength and certaintly pushing your arms widely up and out. Repeat a third time, thinking of all of us being triumphant, all of us being victorious, all winners.

In future blog posts, I will cover the rest of the amalgamations, to make a movement meditation of approximately 20 minutes, in total. Please tune in tomorrow as we cover:

  • Communicating your truth, Being a Conduit for Energy y
  • Flexibility and Energy y
  • Sensing and Energy y

After that, we will finish this movement amalgamation, creating a Peace Demonstration, defining for ourselves and others, what is the peace-building process? Not simple, not really too complex, but with great diversity, richness, and exploration, all in the nature of our higher power or spiritual selves.

Tonight you may notice that you will sleep particularly well and deeply. In the next few sessions, we will also be discussing some simple physical energy hacks to stop hijacking energy needlessly.

This includes:

  • How to insure deeper more relaxing sleep and lucid dreams
  • How to eat and drink for energy
  • How to use iphones and electronics for energy
  • A simple method for healing emotional and physical pain.

Thank for participating in this introductory session of Empatharian -See you soon!

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