Culture War?

Today I’m realizing we’re in a cultural war: it’s the Q types versus the Peace-Love types, and yet I’m sure neither really mean to massacre the other! Or do they?

The addiction to hatred, promulguated by fear mongering. Very very powerful. Every accusation at the Left, is the truth about the Right. The child abuse, sex slaves, and trafficing for example, is Trump and his goofball Epstein, on and on. The taking away rights, losing Democracy, that’s what Trmp has done with his authoritarian edicts and lunatic protester bashing and attacking. The phenomenon of Q is mass hypnotism in an age when we are so so disconnected from each other, our community, and a culture of humanity… it makes us vulnerable. Ok. Writing a blog.

And it’s so not okay that they are actually bringing on the end times! I want my granddaughters to have a wonderful long life on this wonderful planet. And yet it feels like these Q-mongers are actually promoting things happening so that the planet and all of us end.

Not wearing masks, brandishing guns and doing violence trying to start a race war. Boogaloo, my eye! This isn’t grade school. Usually what you resist persists, so this kind of violence will in the end create the peace we want, I guess. The police will be de-funded, communities will be funded with other resources for mentally ill people and upset husbands and wives.

Perhaps we can let people out of prisons, and with bracelets for a time, see how things go. Giving people a second chance works so often…

And if my project becomes a thing, I can envision Empatharian helping people to align with their own deepest spiritual yearnings, and find community in communicating…

America was known throughout the world as the land of innovators and creativity, the land of the courageous and brave. It was the land of opportunity. Hard work was rewarded, and poor people could find ways of scraping by, saving money and making a life for their families.

This country was founded on Freedom of Religion, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech. All of those feel like they’re being slowly eliminated with this president, who seems to focus his attention on Freedom to buy big guns.

I’m not sure about publishing so political a post, when I want to go work in Uganda, which has an imperfect regime governing as well, in my view. Spending state power on enforcing social mores of no homosexuality, which is sadly a waste of human life.

Oh My hopes and dreams of a just future seem so far away, and yet, if we can see and feel each other, if we can understand and empathize with others, these issues dissolve. It is my hope that it should be so, both sides need more understanding and empathy – and we need a common goal, that doesn’t exclude anyone.

Everyone, everywhere wins making a stand for peace-building. Peace-building which is inspiring, respectful energy seeking heart connections, inner joy and wisdom.

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