Confronting Society’s Problems Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

America and its self-reliant ethos has become obsolete as we see how inter-connected our lives truly are. We in America have discovered that we are as vulnerable as the weakest among us, that we share a planet and air we’ve purloined and polluted.

Our children seem less vulnerable to this pandemic coronavirus-19, but they are also less vulnerable to the age-old values and ideas that make families strong, quite often. Their social media and our media have created a force that turns against us, over-sexualizing and trivializing existence into materialism that serves no one but algorithms that seek short term profits. Politicians and stock brokers, “public” corporations, billionaires, all profit from the traumas and shock the public is baraged with. We need to question how our “civilization” serves humanity, when it’s serving inhumane non-human profit motives.

Western civilization has been turned on its head, questioning how and who it serves in its current form. Indigenous peoples around the world are rising up and claiming their birthright, and the birthright of the planet earth. Oil companies are being stopped in their tracks. With this pandemic suddenly people are driving less and the air is cleaner, the water is clear, animals are returning to habitats, fish are jumping and the cotton is high… not yet actually.

In the mean time, many of us sleep poorly, are chronically overweight and under-nourished, are addicted to TV and social media, and suffer numerous mental and emotional pains, from Chronic Anxiety to Autism to PTSD to Depression.

What holds these mental states in place is a thought/feeling combined with neural pathways and predispositions established in utero or thereafter with trauma. A good deal of progress has been made with EMDR and Tapping modalities to heal the underlying neurological set. 

More and more research is showing how parental neglect as well as psychological, physical and sexual abuse have a huge impact on brain development and neurological pathways, in specific ways, which seem to leave indelible marks on the personality, resulting in depression, ADHD, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, and autism.

The good news is that the brain can change and we can remake those neurological pathways with movement in specific ways.  We can nurture and stimulate those areas that were stunted, with particular exercises, rocking and other movements that we do in the Empatharian practices.

The pathways to better stress tolerance and lowering our stress levels are in the hormones and chemicals that we have the ability to stimulate with our actions and thoughts.  This leads to more thyroid hormone, balancing the right and left brain activity to interconnect better, and postural, attentional and emotional balance.

Research is also showing us that parental neglect and abuse is causative intrinsicly with violent crime offenders, sexual predators, and relationship problems, leading us to follow the crumbs to the missing pieces in the brain and neurology that were not able to develop.  This gives us hope that with a method of promoting and accelerating brain plasticity, we may be able to rebuild the necessary synapses and cellular structures for healing some of society’s saddest and most intractable problems.

Empatharian Peace Arts Practices are such a method.

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