Commentary on Urban Space Legend … to be continued

In the previous 7 posts, I offer a new mythology, a new picture of origins, different from Adam and Eve, I’m offering a mythology of 4 Adams, who migrated together in search of warmth, landing in Africa (“The Plain”). They were called by The Sun (“Nana Sun”) to form a tribe so that they could nurture and protect that warmth, that spark, that fire which is our creativity, our deep inner joy, an “invincible summer” spoken of by Albert Camus, the famous 19thCentury Existentialist. Or perhaps literally: Fire.

One from the North- the boy of the forest brought our lungs, and our interdependence with nature.

One from the East- the boy of the cave brought our mind, the jeweled case of the soul.

One from the West – the boy of the river brought our emotions, our blood, and our ability to self-regulate.

One from the South- the boy of the plain brought our skin, and our sexuality from our solar plexus, the seat of our life energy.

Sparks from the Sun became fertility to pro-create, to love, and to multiply.

Just as birds descended from dinosaurs, we descended from transcendental elements that mutated and prospered together. The Homo Sapiens seek Home first and foremost, always. Until their kindness gets transformed with inspiration, to find the Lost Boys. The lost parts of ourselves that disappeared somehow, when we didn’t notice grief, or perhaps when we least expected it. Perhaps we secretly banished all the parts of ourselves that we didn’t want to acknowledge: the dark, the disagreeable, the mischievous naughty explorers the edge.

Sometimes I think that the real evil is just ignorance, and a desire to stay ignorant out of fear. The fear gets projected out from inside us. But perhaps that’s another story. Or is that the continuation here of how Truth found The lost members of his family, family that didn’t want to know him, didn’t remember their origins, had lost touch with the warmth of the Tribe, and the fire of Nana Sun.

The story proceeds, with the words finding page as I write, in the following chapters, in the next blog posts. Are you curious? I hope so.

I’m hoping this mythology will be a firmer basis for cooperative living, happiness, and peace-building- something we can refer to when we want to describe how when the world became so very polarized and we thought we might break apart, we instead came together. We came together and reclaimed our individual sovereignty, our common needs, and our common source. All different colors of skins, all different types of living, all different ways of loving, all different, coming together at last. Not losing our differences, Rejoicing in them.

Swedish Dreams, for humanity to thrive.

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