Rite of Passage Empatharian Peace Arts Training

Building Authentic Relationship with Empatharian Peace Arts Circles

Empatharian Movement for Peace is an educational program and curriculum for human beings everywhere to excel, compassionately communicate, and lead the world into peace.  We collaborate worldwide in co-creating a universally understood intuitive body language of gestures, developing a shared culture of creative peace-building, while deeply respecting and supporting individuals, cultures, and nationalities. 
Empatharian Peace Arts Circles provide a conduit supporting community, wellness, and spiritual development, while doing the Empatharian practices and curriculum.  
By uniting into one strong community of peace-builders, we produce the results of compassionate conflict resolution and communication that is needed to make our world a safe place for the world of nature and humans to co-exist peacefully.

Why Circles are Calling Us Today

Today we are all impacted by the isolation and social distancing  needed to keep our communities safe from the pandemic and it’s not easy.  It produces stress that isn’t easily channeled into work or play- too many use alcohol and worse to numb this existential dilemma of our time.

There is another way:  Escaping into our own wave, our own sacred center, allows us to ride out the day with ease, while we focus on the present, what we touch, feel, and see.  Our spiritual development is here in this realm, a tuning fork of light and love.  Books can be highways to this realm, sharing imagination and vision.

Yet, we do need others: we are beings in relationship with others.  Others help us to experience our selves, and new parts we didn’t know existed sometimes arise: surprise?????!  Endless creativity is in that play:  self and other.  Joy, pleasure, warmth, touching…

Skin to skin touching is a human highway, lit with nerve endings of soul-deep union.  I miss that.  We all miss that.  A hug is a wondrous thing.  Squeeze that sweetness!  Now, we must hug ourselves, and find that nurturing in hugging ourselves.

Groups Are An Organizing Principle of Humanity

Humans issue from a union of two, but there is a village that truly birthed them.  We are interdependent beings who love to give and receive.  Tribes are the ancestral village legacy which has been torn asunder in many places, but we are re-making our tribes: tribes of spiritual family.

We are no longer anchored to place, though I feel quite anchored to my place, thankfully.  Humans can fly through the wires of internet and television, telephone, teleporting…  us far far away to new lands, but also finding the tribe of our spiritual family there.

An Empatharian Circle can be that spiritual family, can be that playground of finding tribe, making connection, exploring the new and ourselves.  Rather than go away to a circle, come home to a circle: find that nourishment and structure which supports your life and greater conscious awareness.

Empatharian Circles Provide 5 Dimensional Relationships

  1. Focus on nurturing and stretching the body, the self
  2. Feelings arise, and you are invited to lean in, and express
  3. Thoughts are stimulated by questions, clarifying gratitude and abundance
  4. Creativity in improvisation: movement, sound, and drawing the unseen
  5. Spirituality in connecting to the breath that runs through all life, the taking and sending of compassion, space.

When you empower yourself to facilitate that space, you create further dimensions in your own inner journey, learning to seek consensus, all given opportunity to speak, voicing the questions and answers that you see with respect and honor to all.  You are deeply nurtured in giving and receiving, and you sit with honor sharing that space.  Doing the Empath Stretch Practice, you luxuriate in stretch, in breath, out breath, delicious effort to move the wind, to circle the earth.  Words resonate pulling you along to a gentle crescendo.  Each person’s contribution to the Stretch brings you closer to each other.

It’s a good feeling.

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