Becoming An Elder, Empatharian Style

All the knowledge in the world, all the experiences in the world, all the time in the world: these do not make an Elder. You may have many years of study under your belt, degrees of institutions after your name, and even you may have grandchildren. These too do not make you an Elder.
Being an Elder is a special designation given to those who shepherd wisdom and values to the next generations. It is generally a position of authority within a tribe or organization, with administrative duties as well as spiritual duties.
Empatharian Elders are made, not born. Their work and play may have gone on for a long time, but the years since their bodily birth do not matter. Their commitment and involvement in Empatharian practices will have impacted others and facilitated positive changes that have a long lasting effect.
Their maturity and ability to envision empathy and compassionate action will have been acknowledged by the Empatharian Council, which they may be members of, as well. When they do their works in the world, it’s not a public relations campaign that announces it, it’s individuals expressing gratitude.
An Empatharian Elder will have shepherded many new Empatharians, and facilitated many talking circles, across wide and diverse cultural and philosophical positions, finding resolutions in consensus with the group.
Years of training with another Empatharian Elder or Master may have preceded their ordination. When you begin the journey to becoming an Elder in Empatharian, you pass many other signposts and designated rankings. Just as in martial arts, there are ranks based on mastery, so in Empatharian Peace Arts, there are ranks that you earn with achievement.
When you began your journey, you were sashed as a new member of the Core-Us. You participated with others doing the processes and amalgamations set forth in the Curriculum, completing each piece individually. You brought your own individuality and core purpose to the fore, in a personal amalgamation, a personal statement of purpose that you embodied with the Empatharian gestural language. Your sash was purple.
Upon completion and after 3 months, you entered a new rank: Kyndling. As a Kyndler, you are authorized to invite new members to Empatharian Movement for Peace, and the Empatharian Peace Arts Training, and your sash is red. After inviting two new Core-Us members, and practicing for 6 months, you are awarded the next rank: Facilitator.
As an Empatharian Facilitator, you continue doing the Empatharian practices daily, and you participate in Empatharian Trainings and other Empatharian events, facilitating small groups of three to ten people, utilizing the skills you have been learning. You will be dedicating time for these events, and signing up as the opportunities arise when you are available to volunteer, wearing your blue sash. After a period of at least 6 months of active participation, you will be awarded the next rank: Empatharian Organizer.
As an Empatharian Organizer, with an Orange Sash, you are now creating Empatharian Core-Us Peace Arts Trainings. You will work with the Kyndlers and Facilitators in your area to set dates, and create the event from start to finish: Arranging a Master Trainer, etc. In coordination with the Master Trainer, you will be working with other Organizers and Empatharian Caterers and Elders in turn, supporting you and training you in making a stellar event where all are nurtured and are able to be heard and responded to. Before going to the next level, you will have completed at least 9 months as an Empatharian Organizer.
The next level is the green sash: The Empatharian Caterer. In this rank, you will dwell in love, embody love and deep kindness and caring. Previously, you created environments of love, but here you provide the feast: celebratory rituals, breath-taking warm-ups, deeply satisfying sharing rotundas, and gorgeous rich opening and closing art improvisation scenarios. Your creativity will be encouraged and nurtured through your weekly meetings with Elders, and monthly meetings with your Master Trainer.
After a minimum of a year of active practice of your Catering, you may progress to the Empatharian Elder rank, at last. The Empatharian Elder wears the yellow or gold sash, and maintains an active practice for at least 18 months. You will study the world wisdom traditions, and embody varying degrees of truth. Your finding the subtle differences between the various or several traditions may dissolve when seen from other perspectives. Your discovery of larger and larger circles of unifying truths, will inspire and elate, delight and encourage many seekers.
You may also find others who will find your embodiments inconclusive and who may argue with you. This debate is a theme of your participation as an elder, to be embodying empathy and understanding, while making a stand for truth and for peace, while being a peace-builder through conflict resolution strategies that will bring about the consensus needed to move forward. It’s an honor and a responsibilty to be an Empatharian Elder, and you will be ready for it.

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