Back to Basics: How to Eat

This is not a new fabulous diet good idea. This is a revolution. Do not diet. Do not deprive yourself. Nurture yourself.

Notice if you are hungry or if it’s just the habit-formed hunger pangs that come from your head thinking it’s time to eat. Okay, you are just hungry. Now, notice what it is that you are hungry for: something in particular, or? One of my thinnest periods was when I just wanted to eat steak and nothing else. Well, we couldn’t afford steak at all, so …

Actually, we have habit patterns of eating that have little to do with actually fulfilling nutrition. That’s what we’re looking for: fulfilling nutrition! Yes, the body needs a particular recipe of nutrients to be healthy: lots of leafy greens, a rainbow of other vegetables and fruit, a lot less bread and carbs, probably. We need some protein. Not as much as most Americans eat, however.

Do you actually know what carbs and protein are? Just to be sure we’re on the same page:

Carbs are carbohydrates. These include potatoes, rice, most grains, bread, including pizza crust, and also fruits. Fruit sugar is a carbohydrate, fructose, almost as dangerous as sucrose, refined sugar. Sugar is sugar in the end, and too much of it can be very very tasty, but completely unfulfilling in terms of nutrition. Carbs provide energy for the cells, so we do need some carbs.

Sugar has been shown to be a poison to the body, causing diabetes, and loads of other health problems, not to mention obesity, in the end. Sugar is a highly addictive substance which many people crave, so it’s pretty hard to cut it out completely. Processed foods manufacturers sneak it in to virtually everything from bread to spaghetti sauce, so that the food will be more addictive, and taste “better”. Is it better? No.

And if you’re addicted to sugar, you’re also attracted to eating way too much protein. This sets up all kinds of imbalances in the body, leaving it toxic and sluggish very often.

So, what is protein? Protein is a major component of our cell structure and the body, so we do need it. Do you have to eat steak to get protein? No.

Many people are not eating cow’s meat for moral as well as physical reasons. Raising cows commercially for meat is one of the highest carbon industries, some say a major cause of global warming. In addition, many chemicals and drugs are fed to the factory cows, which end up in the meat. This is not humane or healthy for humans.

Alternative protein sources are wild game; grass-fed pasture raised farm animals and poultry; nuts and seeds; and legumes – beans have a great mix of carbohydrates and protein. Some grains like quinoa and millet also have a very good quality digestible protein, and also great taste! (kinda)

Soy beans and wheat have been highly genetically modified over the last forty years or so and many people are having problems with them. Both seem to be pretty much indigestible, soy slowing the metabolism, and wheat acting as a sedative in the body. And both are highly addictive, particularly wheat.

For many people whose favorite food is bread and pasta, this is an indicator that they are also allergic or sensitive to wheat and wheat products, which are hidden everywhere by the way. No more gravy either, and you’ll need to read labels if this is your issue. Nice thing is: weight loss is an immediate happy consequence of cutting out the wheat.

But tasty food is not the fulfillment of good satisfying eating, necessarily. Tasty is nice, and achievable easily with fresh ripe foods, seasoned with organic (preferably) herbs, less salt (we are also acclimatized and addicted to way too much salt, which creates weight gain sometimes, as well as other consequences to the blood vessels and blood pressure.)

You can use spices, herbs and lemons to replace salt and sugar in your meals. It leaves your body with a beautiful clean feeling, with the cells just singing! That’s what we are aiming for: optimum health and nurturing to the body. And yet a period of re-educating our little taste buds may be necessary.

Every body is different and our heritage has affected our structure and metabolism, as well as our habitual desires and tastes. It’s okay to be guided by wanting “comfort food”, and if you listen to your body, it will be in moderation. But finding better choices for cellular vibrancy and health involves raw organic ingredients, cooked minimally or eaten raw, with minimal processing.

Alcohol and caffeine are not necessarily the problem, it’s the addictive relationship that develops to them, as it also does with salt and sugar. Alcohol and caffeine in moderation have some health benefits, and can be part of nurturing the body for sure. You will just need to use mindfulness in your use of these substances. Your heredity may be fine or not fine with all these things.

Dairy products are another area of eating whose delicious overcoat may belie loads of problems for the body. Many women’s ovarian problems have cleared up completely when they eliminated dairy products completely, avoiding surgeries, assisting healthy pregnancies, etc. If you have these problems, it may be worth eliminating dairy for a few weeks and seeing what happens. There’s loads of milk alternatives these days that are delicious and inexpensive.

Everyone’s constitution is different, and yet there are natural laws that can guide us. Eat and chew well, try new foods three times, listen to your body beyond just the taste buds. We have been fed a load of crap with preservatives, chemicals, and insecticides. It may take a while to clean the body from this addictive cocktail that it’s become habituated to. Worth it though. Eye on a prize of Energy, Vitality, and Great Sleep!

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