Authentic Partnership

Research shows that people who engage in meaningful activities and forge strong connections with other people live happier, healthier and longer lives.
Purpose can add 7.5 years to your life. More than exercise or a healthy diet (but try for those too).

So What if you shared a purpose with a partner? Beyond having children, a home, and survival: a purpose that is a higher purpose, something that embraces your purpose on this planet.
A Genuine Partnership.

Of course, no one’s partner is perfect. No person can fit all the Prince or Princess Charming pictures of your dreams, except for momentary periods in time. The romantic comedies don’t do ordinary life, and ordinary people. Even extraordinary people, which you are, rarely have a partnership that doesn’t require negotiation, compromise, sometimes genuine peace-building, and ongoing loving kindness.

Forgiveness becomes a pre-requisite for genuine partnership, as you forgive yourself and others for the judmentalism, for the standards you didn’t meet, for the times you lapsed into blame and shame, which didn’t help your relationship. Didn’t help your relationship with your partner or yourself.

Graciousness and gentleness with yourself and your partner will build a more workable partnership, as you practice new skills of generosity, gratitude, and making a gentle stand for the peace in your life that you need and desire. Processes of clearing and letting go of past patterns and resentments are part of the Empatharian Workshop experience, opening up space for your relationship in the present.

Sometimes you will be shocked at the strangeness of your new fledgling self, unencumbered by past habits and power trips, and without manipulation or ploys, just allowing your genuine requests to emerge in the gentlest way, and being open to the possibility that you will be denied your request, in all good faith.

Courage is required, as well as respect and dignity for your partner and yourself. You must recommit to the idea of partnership, to sharing uncomfortable truths, to basing your relationship on the present, and you both, exactly as you are right now. And to an imperfect and changing, but adaptable future, where the constant is your willingness for conversation, for a new kind of communication.

The Empatharian Workshop provides guidance to develop mutual empathy. You will learn to come to your relationship with curiosity and desire to uncover and satisfy the needs that a partner may be expressing in their behaviors, emotions, or words. Practicing within a structured safe process with trained facilitators, allows your new skills to develop and be embodied.

What develops is a relationship based on unity of purpose, filled with joy and connection, working towards and building strength, inspired by love. The practice of doing Empatharian Stretches together as a couple will develop your balance, clarity, devotion, and sense of purpose. You learn to read the body messages, listen with empathy, and go beyond your comfort zone a little more each time, developing greater flexibility, resiliance and presence in your bodies.

The gift of your Authentic Partnership to the world becomes a pledge for unity, for listening and seeking, for building peace wherever you go.


  1. Brendan Gallagher says:

    Realisation of life’s purpose has been put into focus during this year of isolation. Any step towards this is welcome. Well done

    1. Your support and partnership so authentically support our work here. You are a gem never again to live without each other. Still a cup of tea…

    2. Dear Brendan,
      Your comment is well taken, and your angelic partnership is clearly so appreciated. May your creativity and intention collide continually as you partner with our world. You are an inspiration.
      Lots of love,
      Lolo Lesser

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