Aug. 30-Sept 20: Make a Stand for Peace-building!

Starting on August 30th – I am offering a 21 Day Peace Emergizer as a 35 minute daily online webinar and zoom meeting. Along with learning a new movement language, Empatharian, you and your loved ones will be experiencing more energy, less conflict, better concentration, and an Emerging global consciousness and connection to something largerthan himself/herself.

During the Emergizer, we will practice 3 useful breathing techniques, 4 healthful tapping techniques, do improvisational art, specially designed tasks for self-awareness, and empathy exercises. Of course we’ll be doing the Empatharian Movement for Peace, the peace prayer in gestures, as a personal affirmation as well as a peace prayer. Lastly, we’ll be discussing the impact of daily habits of eating, sleeping, and internet use.


You will get:

  1. Stress reduction, centering, and focus.
  2. Increased energy, breathing capacity, and flexibility.
  3. Opportunities to be present with trauma and difficult feelings, and to love and nurture yourself in a supportive safe space.
  4. Opportunities to stretch and explore your own desires and mission in life, and find the deep satisfaction of being aligned with your purpose.
  5. Better health, relationships, and communication.
  6. A wonderful daily routine for the rest of your life, because you will love to do it! Easy, quick, and it just feels so good.

Though it’s a fundraiser for Kimote Foundation, a Uganda charity doing work in the communities of Kampala, Uganda in Africa, I wanted to make sure and invite you as my guests to this online event with me. It is only 7 and there are 5 funded scholarships, 3 full and 2- ½ scholarships.

It is a Zoom meeting at noon Pacific Time, so 8pm London time, and 2PM midwest time… It’s scheduled to start on Sunday, 30th of August .

It’s best if you can download Zoom, but you can also call in on a mobile phone..

I hope you will join me! It would be so much fun to hang out, and I’m looking forward to introducing my friends to each other, as we do small groups or pairs. ! It would be so much fun to hang out, and I’m looking forward to introducing my friends to each other, as we do small groups or pairs.

35 minutes a day for 21 days, an online workshop for individuals, families, done at your own volition, in your own time zone, to get into the Zone. Use this challenge process, which includes tasks, creative and inspirational (10-15 minutes), and a movement video of Lolo Lesser, 10-15 minutes. You’ll be including music, dance, and art improvisations in your day, as well as learning a Peace Demonstration/Movement Meditation by the end of it, just in time for World Peace Day, which is September 21.

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