ALL Winning with Inspired Respectful Energy and Contact!

The function of viruses is to shift Our DNA, towards the next evolutionary step, according to Charles Eisenstein in his essay, “The Coronation”. It doesn’t just cull the vulnerable, which we may so deeply object to, but all of us who do not experience symptoms, who have mild cases, all of us: Our DNA is changed by this virus. We are changed, which is not a bad thing!

As he says, “As Covid stirs our compassion, more and more of us realize that we don’t want to go back to a normal so sorely lacking it. We have the opportunity now to forge a new, more compassionate normal.”

My video kiss with my grandson this morning left me inspired by his openness, honesty and sweet authentic contact. He’s two years and a thousand years old, all at the same time!

Enthusiasm is the first word defining what peace-building is, in the Empatharian meditation I’ve been practicing. Today I did the meditation and got clear on a knee bend in “Enthused” that made it more clear.

There’s an openness, honesty- we show our palms, to all on-lookers. Universally showing your palm means I come in peace. The Native American would lift one palm, and say “How”. The two palms showing is an emphasis and moving hands first to the front and then each to the sides, shows the circle of openness. As I did it I added a slight knee bend, which somehow made it more uplifting openness. Then, I got it: it’s inspired. Enthusiasm is Inspired.

Loneliness and lack of social contact has been shown to increase inflammation, depression, and dementia. </i> depression, and dementia.

According to Lissa Rankin, M.D., air pollution increases risk of dying by 6%, obesity by 23%, alcohol abuse by 37%, and loneliness by 45%..

In the middle of this pandemic of coronavirus, we are at risk of worsening our health, and making ourselves more vulnerable, and not just to the coronavirus. We need to make sure and touch base with loved ones in some kind of Authentic Contact, every day, if possible. We are living in quarantine to help our immunity, and to help those who may be more vulnerable than us. Paradoxically, to keep our immunity, and our loved ones immunity, we must combat loneliness!

Now, we are discovering how we need each other… We need those hugs, those kisses of our grandchildren, and we need to interact. Maybe we don’t need schools, restaurants, or coffee shops, hairdressers, nail salons, the local pub. But these are the places where we have touched in for our authentic contact, our social contact to counteract loneliness. Now we do it with Zoom? Or video calls, direct contact somehow!

And then, in the Empatharian Exercise, the next movement is two hands touching fingertips under the chin, slightly lifting the head up. Tammy called this gesture: “Dignity”, or “dignified” . I think it is what it is: Respectful. The motion is more true to the meaning than any word/concepts.

“Energy” is next. So it goes: Inspired Respectful Energy…

Seeking Heart Connections to innate joy and wisdom.

Let’s do it! It feels so good.

Everyone, Everywhere Wins Making A Stand for Peace-Building, which iss

Inspired Respectful Energy, Seeking Heart Connections to Innate Joy and Wisdomm

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