A Sustainable Structure for Human Growth and Development with Empatharian

The Building blocks/magic of Empatharian:

The structure for wise and long-lasting success borrows and models on the natural structure of the Tree: all connected through the conduits of life-giving nutrients from the earth and the sun.  Interdependent, seasonal, with the roots deep in the earth for support, and leaves reaching wide to make shade

Leaves gather on branches (Empatharian Circles), branches lead to limbs (Facilitator Community), and limbs to the trunk(Trainer Community), which reaches into the earth with its roots.

1. Empatharian circles (5-15 people):

  • non-judgmental
  • listening to each person’s needs
  • confidential
  • open to growth and learning
  • trained facilitators

2. Facilitator Community – shared creativity, accessing resources

  • the arts are a doorway to the unconscious
  • the collective unconscious and celebration
  • connection to our bodies and nature so that
  • survival is assured, anxiety and fear can be subsumed or sublimated.

3. Trainer Therapeutic Community- healing trauma, the body

  • Self-massage techniques taught and practiced together
  • Tapping techniques
  • Breath and Posture,
  • How to Nourish the Body
  • Understanding / Offering / Channeling a hierarchy of accomplishment, without losers.

4. Train the Trainer Higher Purpose- Events/Performance to empower all the people

  • Work to share the knowledge, to empower
  • Accepting and making structures for interdependence of all beings.
  • Happiness – long lasting success.
  • A mechanism/ structures for creating change, thoughtfully, beautifully, with dignity and respect for all.
  • Asking for justice, asking for help, help, giving justice…
  • The Empatharian Council Process for Growing the language Empatharian.

What is the purpose of Empatharian Circles?

1. To promote empathy, empathic resonance, and understanding between cultures and all peoples.

2. To provide and promote individual creative expression in a non-judgmental atmosphere, which the circle provides.

3. To teach non-violent communication, conflict resolution skills, and be a laboratory for training.

4. To create community, in small groups around the world, and in so doing, create a World Community.

5. To teach assertive action and words, the embodiment of peace-building, where all parties are winners.

Opportunity for Free Facilitator Training now

Empatharian Movement for Peace, co-sponsored by We,the World (we.net) is producing The World House Challenge (worldhousechallenge.earth).  Inspired by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and his intentions for our world, we have taken a paragraph from his 1964 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, and created a song and moves, which can be danced, sung, and improvised with.

The Challenge is to create a film which will inspire the world’s peace-builders and everyone to live together in peace.  We want to present The Empatharian gestural language in such a way that people will want to join in, communicate, and embody peace-building.  By becoming Empatharians, with empathy and understanding for all peoples, the universal language of gestures becomes a tool for ever increasing promise for our World House.

The structure of the project becomes a sustainable structure for growth and continuing development of the language, becoming more and more intuitive with more and more input from Empatharians throughout the world.

To start, make a video of 3-10 minutes in length that is singing and dancing with The World House Song and Moves , register at the website, and get the email address (anempatharian@gmail.com) for turning in your videos by February 28.

Everyone who enters gets gifted a Free Empatharian Facilitator Training online course, which arrives in their email inbox every day for 3 weeks of training, an hour a day.  A Certificate is given at the end, and trained facilitators are then empowered to start Empatharian Circles.  More about this in tomorrows blog post article.

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