Calling for Project Collaborators

When we begin to fully understand this concept of life in unity, the idea of ​​a personal “I” gives way to the image of a universal “I”.

The concept of rivalry and competition disappears.

This relationship contributes to deep love and empathy for everyone who surrounds us.

Deepak Chopra’s words from his 21 Days of Abundance Course (above) have touched me deeply and helped me move forward with this sweet project that my mother originated almost 50 years ago. The process of the course allowed me to touch deeply into the dreams and aspirations I have inherited from my mother’s deep longing, and years of creative work, as well as my own deepest aspirations for making a difference on the planet.

My training as a psychotherapist and group leader, a life coach and a caregiver, a single parent and a training developer for Nurturing Parents Trainers, has taken me to three countries, multiple wonderful cities, and the discovery of community beyond locality. I’ve brought three non-profits from inception to thriving, all on a grass roots level. I’ve worked in government organizations and charities as a Child and Family Specialist, A Supervisor for Mentors of At-Risk Children, a Facilitator of Focus Groups, and an Assessor of Parent Serving Charities.

For several years I had the honor of working with my son in his business, and developing friendships with addicts, pimps, and prostitutes struggling to change and find a new “medicine”. I learned that people all have artistry and kindness, so many many ways of expressing, and that my pre-conceived notions of people, thank God, were always wrong. Some of the most beautiful kind respectful people, live in horrible desolate neighborhoods, and look absolutely frightening from my middle class white eyes. I have a new appreciation, that I earned with trust in the heavenly Father to show me the truth, and She did!

So I have Urban Space in my Lolo Angel mind, to give everyone.

I am however, from my mother’s brave legacy, a boundary pusher. My mother created a project with dance, music, all the arts, using a specially created gestural language, she called Telesymbols, as a performance art, a movement prayer, a universal communication. 15 years after her passing, I’m finally able to embody her legacy and bring my own experience, inheritance, and striving to the fore, re-naming the project Empatharian Movement for Peace.

As I began the 21 Day Deepak Chopra course, I had been feeling stuck and inadequate to the task. Through the Abundance course, miracles have been happening for me: Day 2- a charity from Uganda contacted me to do a pilot project there, starting February 2021, in a primary and a secondary school. Day 6 – A Course in Miracles Group started providing daily community and inspiration, support. Day 10 – I’m creating my project prophetic video for another group, the St.Pauls Free University, of which I am an instructor, and the visuals start to make things click in my head. My mind is full of black lives who are so beautiful, as the streets are rioting with Black Lives Matter, and our hearts are breaking to realize the injustice of our so-called “Free” country, to our Black, brown, and yellow brothers and sisters, native Americans. My mind is full of our Syrian brothers and sisters, and our Israeli brothers and sisters, our Russian brothers and sisters, and our Chinese brothers and sisters, our Indian brothers and sisters and our Pakistani brothers and sisters, our MAGA brothers and sisters and our own hardworking progressives, protesting in the streets for all the economic injustice and social injustice of our world in the US.

Aboriginal “Haka” dance and everywhere Gestures, people in silence using their bodies, Native American sign languages, we discuss: changing the peace prayer in Empatharian to include “justice”, but decide that love is more primary, heart connection, inner joy and wisdom will provide the “justice” we all need so badly.

The Abundance Course delivered me opportunity to work through my resentments and gratitude with my mother and my family, the broken heartedness that has kept me stuck. I now know that I need to get on with this work because people are in pain, people are hurting, and it’s time I got this work out there to help people Now.

On Day 10 of the course, The World Unity Conference started a week long intensive of flying flaming wisdom convergence, with people all over the world, bringing their projects and truth together, all online. Today on Day 21 of the Course, i finally got up the nerve to tell people at this conference that I have a project that just might have major major impact!

Then, last night, in a dream, I remembered. My deepest aspiration since I can remember, my inheritance of spiritual passion: A Unity of all the worlds religions, through Empatharian. World unity is Notnations unified into one government, which so many fear. World unity is Not churches unified into one religion- all spiritual traditions are honored. World unity is Not cultural unity, like the Coca Cola of the world capitalism propaganda. World unity IS spiritual unity: a coming together of all religions to see that we share our inner core, our source, our hearts, our love.

In my upbringing I experienced being Jewish, being Christian, being Hindu, being Buddhist, being Atheist, being Pagan, and being Muslim, in the Sufi tradition. As my mother and I traversed these communities of worship, we never changed our spiritual beliefs, we integrated them in a translation through our intellect into our core beliefs. All those religions fit the same exact core beliefs.

My highest aspiration is to bring a dialogue to the forefront of the world stage, a dialogue of the world’s religions. Perhaps we will discover something different, but through the language of Empatharian, going beyond the word, bringing the meaning to life through the message we portray, I believe we will find that common core: our Spiritual Unity.

In the end, my highest aspiration is to create a new religion. A religion that honors and respects all the different skin colors, as originating from our common ancestors. A religion that treasures that coming together of new or different ideas, and the process to open our hearts, with trust and truth. A new religion that holds all babies, and all life sacred, with our own human babies sacred representatives of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, in Each and Every Birth, which they are.

Jesus Christ was not his fathers son, and so had to be his Father’s son. His spiritual quest of 40 days in the desert, found him uniting all religions, and challenging the political structures of his time. He threw the money lenders out of the temple. He focussed a profound spiritual energy that healed the sick and raised, yes raised! The dead! There is NO Death, when we live in the eternal.

Happiness- true happiness, comes from giving. Giving ALL you have to this spiritual quest for humanity, giving our love, giving our money, our resources, our vision to create: to create together always, ALL WAYS (my mother’s words are indelible in my mind, praise be!)

Gratefully, I conclude the Abundance Course, the Course in Miracles, World Unity Week and my own inertia! I will not move forward without spirit moving me. Thy will not mine. May I ever be a channel of blessing to all those I encounter every day in every way.

All my unfinished stories now have an ending, which is a new beginning, a new beginning with an invitation, to you, the reader. You are reading this now and If you are moved, Join Me! Let’s create miracles, together!

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