Creating a Working, Teaching, Training Empatharian Practice with Movement

Have you ever thought about becoming a Trainer of the work you do: training others so that they too can have a thriving practice serving private clients. As we know, Everyone needs what you do, so there’s plenty of people in the client pool.

Empatharian can help you learn to train others, to train trainers, and to expand what you are training with Empatharian.

Empatharian is a model that can work one to one, or in groups: one facilitator to 4-15 clients. Nowadays we are doing all this via online meetings, either in a Zoom meeting room, or other platform.

While with Reiki you do primarily one movement of energy healing, over and over again, Empatharian is many more movements. The beginner set is 12-14 movements, easy to do and each one representing meaning: a word in a sentence about peace-building. The intention is to train and cultivate peace-builders, building peace individually for themselves, their family, and the wider community and world.

Relationships improve, positive energy is nurtured, people thrive.

Empatharian is energy work, so it is a kind of Reiki. And it’s a kind that’s almost as easy as Reiki to spread and teach, and it has loads of concrete benefits, both in the short term and the long term.

Benefits of Empatharian for clients.

– Like meditation, it brings a calmness, clarity and sense of purpose to the day.

– It is a daily or weekly ritual to repeat either with your Empatharian facilitator alone, or with your group and your Empatharian facilitator. It gives a great sense of belonging, accomplishment, and satisfaction.

– Stress seems to melt out of the body, and key areas of the body are stimulated with the movements.

-Emotional and Physical Expression that is safe and confidential, can be introspective as well as cathartic, making a barrier in life disappear.

– Energy generating – finishing a practice session you feel inspired and energized, full of positive energy that lasts for greater than 12 hours, and as much as 72 hours.

-Like learning a language and doing exercise all in one: triple benefits to combat aging, dementia and senility, and actually increase the brain’s capacity for learning and retention.

-It’s a really nice stretch that feels good to the body, getting rid of stiffness, body pain, and building up muscle strength.

-Nurturing their own bodies, becoming aligned and comfortable in their own bodies, and loving the body they have.

-Learning to be nonjudmental, more empathetic, and to communicate with love and empathy.

-Improve relationships with family, friends, children and ancestors. Improve relationship with the earth and all beings.

Benefits of Empatharian for facilitators

– All the benefits for clients, plus you have more to teach your current clients, expanding your services.

– Expanding your client base with people who may be interested in Empatharian Movement for Peace, as a Spiritual Practice, to help with fatigue, or other complaints –

– For the people who may think Reiki is a face to face, hands on practice, but Empatharian can be done virtually, you have a whole lot more clients.

– You are in a support system with more wonderful trainers and other facilitators, who are available to support you personally on a regular basis.

-It’s great to spread the love! This concrete practice gives everyone tools to improve our world, and yes, build Peace!

Benefits of Empatharian for trainers:

– All the benefits for clients, facilitators, plus you have a wider bigger set of people in your network, possibly all over the world, and learn so much from that interaction, it’s literally mind-boggling!

– You become better able to give and receive nurturing and support from your Empatharian Trainer Network, a well as from your Empatharian Trainer Trainer…

– You become a conduit for creating the language Empatharian, helping to codify it and keep it growing and becoming more and more intuitive for more and more people. A universal gestural language is something that has never existed in the history of mankind. Each culture has their own set of gestures, peculiar to their culture which mean different things to other cultures and countries. It’s your job to bring the cultures together and create a new agreed and understood Empatharian, in continuous collaboration with other trainers, facilitators, and clients (if need be).

– You will be truly wealthy- defined as “Today, I view true wealth as a three legged stool. The first leg is financial security, the second is living with purpose and the third, is a healthy mind and spirit.Jul 7, 2015

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