2020 Trauma and Transformation

Trauma occurs when a person is overwhelmed by events or circumstances and responds with intense fear, horror, and helplessness. Extreme stress overwhelms the person’s capacity to cope. There is a direct correlation between trauma and physical health conditions such as diabetes, COPD, heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure.

Sometimes you just feel headaches, pain, unexplained fatigue, sleeplessness, constipation or diarrhea, sudden sweating or heart palpitations, and you startle easily. Sometimes you may feel fear, depression and anxiety, outbursts of rage and anger, emotional swings at the tip of a hat.

At least 70% of people in the United States will have experienced trauma at some time in their life. And during our pandemic, stress and trauma are also pandemic viruses that are harming people.

These days many people can’t separate their everyday lives from the pedestrian inhalation of fear-inducing, traumatizing daily news, and the beer/wine bottle, marijuana cigarette of escape from it.
Of course the escaping makes it all feel worse when you come back to ground 0. At ground 0 you are shattered.

Ordinary life now includes childcare, being bored with every Netflix movie, and somehow drained from hours on Facebook.


Perhaps it’s been a miracle for you and your family. Perhaps you are fine, enjoying your home, spending quality time with yourself and your loved ones? Finding amazing opportunities to develop your talents, free classes, workshops, seminars, webinars- a plethora of stuff, a virtual cornucopia of transformational things that fill your day, and overflowing. Empatharian Movement for Peace is one new satisfying activity you are involved in.

I hope it’s the second one, but we all know there’s loads of people on the first boat above. And sometimes the smallest thing can reactivate an old “healed” trauma, particularly in a world with fewer social outlets, physical outlets, and emotional outlets. 70% of all people have experienced trauma sometime in their life. That probably includes you.

So What Can You Do?

For yourself, recognizing the new stresses, naming what’s re-activating you specifically, and looking to the past for hints about what may have sensitized you, can be helpful.

Give yourself a time out, not as a punishment but as a nurturing comfort. Touch in to the love you feel for yourself or those around you, changing the channel on your upset/trauma. Have that cup of tea, drink of water, or hot chocolate. Take a few breaths. Let out your body tension.

When you’re ready, get curious. Writing it out in a journal, just let the words flow. Let the tears flow, if they’re there. Crying and Laughing are excellent emotional releases, both.

Then, when the charge has dissipated, go and face the situation or person with some curiosity about them as well. Do not make demands or make an emotional plea. Ask questions, find a common goal in the situation that you can share, if possible.

When you have listened and heard all points of view, then you may be ready to make a request. Either a request about next time, or a request about now, but you can expect that there will be some negotiating. Negotiate a brilliant solution to help everyone feel a bit better right now, and possibly in the future (never can tell though!).

Help is Available

Taking care of yourself and your family has to include the reaching out for help when it’s needed. We have our social networks, friends, and relatives but sometimes having a person who is not involved with you is more helpful.

Including an Empatharian movement meditation session in your day and an enrollment in Empatharian Peace Arts Academy for you and your kids… (coming soon) can bring meaning and structure to your recovery from past traumas, and prevention of future ones!

And sometimes you need a trained professional to guide you through releasing the trauma and being able to move on. Specially trained Empatharian Life Coaches are there to help with individual or family coaching, and at a reasonable cost. It is really important to know there is help available when you feel overwhelmed.. And there is. Contact us!

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