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Most other countries (other than USA) have another language they also teach childrento speak in addition to their native tongues. The most common other language taught is English. The teaching of another language helps brain development, intelligence, and empathy. This may explain why the USA is lacking, and can fall prey to propaganda, cult-ism, and misogyny. We only have English until high school, usually, and by then it’s too late.

The inventer of the Empatharian gestural language concept, Tammy Ressman Narena,was an inspired human being, Inspired to inspire. Her father, Abraham Ressman, spoke 5 languages fluently, English being just one of them, and not his first language. Though Tammy never graduated from high school, he made sure that she too spoke 5 languages before he passed away when she was 13. Together they studied the philosophy of Lao Tsu, Plato, and all the ancients, and he imbued a love of discussion, integrity, peace, and all the arts.

Abraham Ressman was my grandfather, and Tammy my mother. I am Lolo Lesser, and I’m a proud American citizen, sure we can weather this challenge to our Grace, good, and brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.

Imagine this: 200people in Grand Central Station, a flash mob of Empatharians, doing a Peace Demonstration, silently. Miming words that express our deepest aspirations, embodying heartfelt meaning, making simple movements in sentence form, which somehow, though you don’t know this language consciously, you understand intuitively.

“Everyone, everywhere Triumphs Making a Stand for Peace-Building;”

200 more people suddenly appear on the other side of Grand Central Station:

“Peace is Inspired Respectful Energy Generating”

The original 200 respond, walking diagonally towards the newcomers:

“Seeking heart connection, innate joy and wisdom.”

The newcomers echo the movement phrase, now walking diagonally towards the others, “Seeking heart connection, innate joyand wisdom!”

The two sets of people begin to intersect each other’s lines, gracefully walking through the spaces between each person, and repeating the movement phrases from the beginning, in a round, non simultaneous movements, echoing and winding their way through the crowd of onlookers.

Then suddenly as it started, it stops, and everyone just starts their normal walk to wherever they were going.

Can this be done as a Zoom session, or a worldwide teleconference? Can we keep on discussing and introducing ourselves and our aspirations. Can we meet virtually to begin this Peace Demonstration? To become a Peace demonstration project, to build a world of empathy, for ourselves and our children and grandchildren-?

Do we want to? I do. Do you?

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