1974 Film Proposal: “Portrait of America”, by Tammy Narena.

An Excerpt of A Document widely circulated, but not acted on, as yet:

“...The right way to communicate became my most urgent problem. The English language was felt differently with the same words. I created unasked questions at many instances. I was foreign, while speaking a good English, with a good English accent! The brotherhood of speaking the same language- where was it?

“I had to improve my understanding, fit into the new picture, and make myself begin all over again. Begin to see problems of people and their attitudes. In my teaching I unconsciously applied an intuitive knowledge to persevere for worthwhile results. Seeing attitudes change and values change : for the will to achieve and make something to be thrilled about … became a steady goal in my teaching.

“I brought out feelings, gave them the room, the time, discipline and a way to express. To look after all the results became a gargantuan task with enthused students who went all out, to cause a sensation with dramatic mime and dance. We also portrayed many nations in the stories I unfolded in the arrangements.

“… Now: with real meaning of the movements, gestures as actual words, vocabulary, sentences in a meaningful direct communication- this is greater. The values and contents being of important matter to absorb, a profound change and development can produce an enlightened understanding person. You have given rise to rising with the mind for achievements in any direction. You are neurologically enhanced. Bless you. You will achieve better in whatever you are doing. You will help others to achieve- and understand self-help.

“In talking with (Empatharian) you are talking all written and spoken languages at once, and who will not want to do the same? … Please look deeply into the fact that to do (Empatharian) would take a great number of people about ten hours of concentrated study… Can you see it is quite possible to improve also economically with the rest of the world? May I have the audacity to think big!

“We can build the dream of a headquarters for the Program, a “(Empatharian) Island On the Sea”. We can clear the oceans, install a clean transportation and trade. Sections of the “Island” can be added for expansion, and sections can travel off to a special assignment… The grouping of interdisciplinary studies is easier than imagined, and I cannot see anyone lonely or left out. We see competitions to solve disagreements on a different outcome to what Olympic or any other games would accomplish. I love all those games!

“I have endeavored to bring forth many people together, in our desire to bring forth that which is good and beautiful, to show people in their desire in a new image- indivisible! To live forever in a series of film presentations entitled Portrait of America here and everywhere. Therein it can be said- demonstrated! To all those vitally concerned- and to those people to which we add honor and status:

‘Your abilities, your way of working – adds light to my life

It has. The unity of America is strength.

Let us explain:

The unity for goals attainable!!

The unity for attainable enthusiasm

The unity for enthusiasm unconquerable!!

The unity for unconquerable wisdom

of all kinds..

“Question: Which is the showcase city- for all cities?

– Tammy Narena, Proposal For Installation of a Master Program, 1974, 44 pages, pages 4-8. copyright T.Ressman 1974.

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